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    Bluetooth anti-lost

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    1. Detailed information

    The anti-lost is a Bluetooth 4.0 based on the latest low power technology products, through the use of "itracing" APP software, mobile phones and other mobile devices and Bluetooth connection to the user to easily lost items, valuables (for example: keys, handbags, etc.) bundled together to achieve loss prevention articles reminder, find the phone's features, you can achieve remote control camera, sound recording, etc.

    Function (for example: party photo, self-timer, etc.).

     The anti-lost effective use of distance, in the broad range of up to 25 meters away, there is an effective barrier isolation distance up to 10 meters, even you can also use baby or pets, you never have to worry that they lost;

    The anti-lost use of button batteries CR2032, major super convenience stores can be easily purchased, a genuine battery can work for up to six months or more

    Factory direct, eliminating the intermediate links, the price definitely has the advantage. This product is in Yiwu Export Agent product

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